Michel Monnard golf school


We, Michel and Tobias, are two multilingual PGA Golf Teaching Professionals, originally from Switzerland, living on the island since over 20 years. We are both in our 40s, and selected our work place due to its beauty, quality of life and infrastructure. It's truly a great place to live in and make holidays. We would love to have you in our teaching sessions. Your improvements are our passion.   Follow your language link below to get to our main websites.  

Tuition sessions

Half day activities
  • > 3 hour introductory lesson for beginners
  • > 2 hour putting session
  • > company or group sessions
  • > hourly lessons to polish or correct
Weekly instruction courses
  • > 5 day course for beginners
  • > 5 day course for handicap golfers
  • > 5 day family course
  • > Platzreife amd first handicap courses


After over 20 years of daily instruction, we got it figured out how we can help you effectively. All that information is filtered down to just the most essential - which is what you get. Due to our weekly sessions, we make sure that you make real improvements. Another hot topic will be: "How to practice golf effectively on your own". During the week we will take a good look at your clubs, suggest improvements and add clubs to give you a chance to play to your potential. Fitness-wise we recognize that if your body is in better shape, you will perform better. Check out our fitness options, so you can taylor daily activities to your needs and desires.


Most businesses depend on where they are located. Well, that certainly helps us. The north eastern area of Majorca is the most beautiful place. With lots of small villages with weekly markets, sandy beaches, sharp clips, natural parks for beautiful walks, 4 golf courses and lots of fun activities on offer. Check out our Blog for useful information.

Follow your language link below to get to our main websites.

How to practice in golf – Training is acquisition and practice is applying

How to practice in golf is a key. To practice well, we must understand how humans learn best. This knowledge is crucial to design good practice plans for golfers. Make your practice efficient and interesting instead of a “one-bucket-after-another-excersise”.

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Practice Golf – difference between learning and playing

A good example how to create skills in golf and learn how to implement skills to play better golf. It’s about getting better first at doing something and then knowing how the body can use it best to play on the golf course.

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A different view on why you hit bad golf shots with your golfswing

Too many times a golf swing produces unpractical results. Well, you might be closer to becoming a consistent golfer than you think. Here is how you have to view it and adapt your practice to become more consistent with your golfswing.

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